About IQ


IQ delivers business intelligence tools, data warehousing, and analytical tool training that empowers The University of Texas at Austin to make data driven decisions and gain value from academic and administrative data.

IQ operates within the Financial and Administrative Service portfolio and is comprised of staff specializing in IT service delivery for data warehousing and business intelligence.

Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) - Institutional Data Store (IDS)

The EDW (also referred to as the IDS) serves as the central datastore for systems of record. The EDW is the enterprise repository for historical, trend, and cross-functional institutional data that is used for reporting and analysis. The EDW represents only a subset of “all” data that may exist at the university. Data are loaded into the EDW on a priority basis, taking into consideration mission-critical, legal, and regulatory uses of information, major institutional initiatives requiring data, and breadth of use of the data.

Looking forward, the EDW needs to update its capabilities to offer a strategic advantage for the university mission. Failure to advance data and analytics capabilities will create a functional deficit for every campus entity that uses institutional data and will erode our position as a leading public institution of higher education. See more about strategic goals that drive the EDW forward in the Enterprise Data Warehouse Strategic Plan (UT EID Login required).

Data Transformation

The Data Transformation project is a major data architecture and data modeling effort to refresh the university’s data into modern data structures. The aim of this multi-year project is to gain greater value from institutional data by increasing data quality, making it more accessible and easier to work with, as well as broadening analytical capabilities. Data transformation organizes data into high-performance, scalable, well-documented, tool-agnostic data structures that follow the Kimball Dimensional Model reference architecture.