IQ Services

Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW)

  • IQ’s first and most well-known service, sometimes referred to as just “IQ” or the "IDS," houses the university’s academic and administrative data considered critical for reporting purposes. The EDW is comprised of an on premise Oracle database and can be accessed via Cognos reporting tools, Tableau visualizations, statistical analysis software, and web services.

Business Intelligence Services

  • IBM Cognos - With Cognos tools, administrators have the power to retrieve the data they need through transparent and meaningful reports. Cognos enables designated users to create and retrieve reports to drive decision making. Available to authorized UT Austin users only (UT EID login required). See FAQ for more information »
  • Cognos Servers

IQ Data Cognos Cubes & Reports for authorized Cognos Customers

IQ Author Cognos Report Authoring for authorized Cognos Report Authors

  • UT VPN Connection

UT VPN UT VPN connection required for Cognos use off-campus

  • Tableau Data Visualization - is a widely used tool for visualizing and analyzing data. It allows users to create interactive dashboards and charts that enable consumers to quickly grasp meaning from complex data sources. Tableau assists in driving decisions and uncovering information nuggets that might have otherwise been buried in a table of data. For more information about Tableau, see the IQ Enterprise Tableau Introductory GuideSee FAQ for more information »
  • Tableau Enterprise Server

IQ-Analytics Tableau on the Web - for authorized consumers to view visualizations created by authorized desktop producers

Web Services

  • REST API– Provides direct programmatic access to institutional data via a REST service data feed. REST enables access to data via HTTP, and is used by colleges, schools, and units’ (CSUs) to build data-rich applications. Subject Areas included in the Web Services offering is under active development with new data being added frequently. Current customers include Texas Advanced Computing Center (TACC), College of Liberal Arts, Technology Resources (TRecs) and many others. See FAQ for more information »

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

  • BI Service Level AgreementThis document defines the service levels provided by IQ Business Intelligence (BI) services. This document does not supersede current university processes and procedures unless explicitly stated herein.

IQ Customer Service Policy

  • IQ strives to respond to customer help emails quickly and efficiently to answer inquiries, handle issues, and resolve problems. IQ’s mission is to delight our customers and we are always happy to assist you! During regular business hours (8 am - 5 pm), expect an initial response to your IQ Help email within one hour. Most issues can be resolved quickly (depending on the complexity) and we are dedicated to resolve all issues as timely as possible. For after-hours IQ Help emails, an initial response will be sent the morning of the next business day. Although IQ does not provide 24/7 customer service, help emails are periodically monitored during non-business hours and if an email appears to be urgent, we will respond as soon as possible. Contact IQ at