Business Rules

Business rules documents contain definitions and special business logic governing the appropriate use of each subject area cube and standard report.

Academic PBIS (Performance Based Instruction System)

  • 12th Day Course Enrollments
  • 12th Day Teaching Activities
  • Faculty Workload
  • Faculty Demographics
  • 12th Day Student Demographics
  • Student Graduation and Retention Flow Reports

UTBox link to Academic PBIS Business Rules (UT EID login required)

Finanicial - Accounting

  • Document Image Link Instructions
  • Transactions Reports
  • Fee Billing Cube
  • MFR Activity Cube
  • NSF Cube
  • Plant Fund Cube
  • SRECNA Cube
  • Year OVer Year Cube

UTBox link to Financial Accounting Business Rules (UT EID Login required)

Financial - Budget

  • Budget Cubes 
  • Budget vs Actual Funding Exception Report 
  • Salary Percent Change Report 
  • Adjustments Type Increase Report 
  • Budget Groups by Appropriation Code Report 
  • Budgeted Income and Expenditure Report 
  • Faculty Salary Account Report 
  • Fringe Benefits Report 
  • Transfers for a Dean/VP Report 

UTBox link to Financial Budget Business Rules (UT EID login required)

Human Resources

  • Appointments Cube 
  • HRMS Workforce Cube 
  • Appointment by Unit Report 
  • Assignments by Unit Report 
  • Open Job Postings by Unit Report
  • OIE Applicant Analysis Report
  • OIE Institutional Equity Report

UTBox link to Human Resources Business Rules (UT EID login required)

Purchasing and Historically Underutilized Businesses (HUB)

  • HUB Cube
  • Payment Services Cube
  • Purchase Order Cube

UTBox link to Purchasing and HUB Business Rules (UT EID login required)