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Information Quest (IQ)

IQ delivers business intelligence tools, data warehousing, and analytical tool training that empowers The University of Texas at Austin to make data driven decisions and gain value from academic and administrative data.

IQ operates within the Financial and Administrative Services portfolio and is comprised of staff specializing in IT service delivery for data warehousing and business intelligence. Read more »




The Cognos cubes do not display correctly when using Chrome v65+. The solution is to use Firefox when accessing IQ-Data.


Firefox (v57+) is causing error messages in the Cognos Report Authoring tool. The solution is to use Chrome when accessing IQ-Author.


In January 2020, IQ announced a pause on development of Cognos products, Tableau extracts and REST Service data feeds for Workday Human Capital Management (HCM) data. We are continuing to collaborate with Enterprise Business Information Technology Solutions (eBITS) to develop Workday HCM data capabilities via the enterprise data warehouse, but have not defined a timetable for offering that data. 

If you have an immediate need for Workday HCM data for reporting or application development, please inquire with eBITS at askUS@austin.utexas.edu.

IQ SERVICES UPDATE - March 16, 2020

In order to support our community and fight against the spread of COVID19, all IQ staff are working remotely. During this time, we remain fully available to support our services and users. IQ does not anticipate any service impacts as a result of the university response to COVID19 - Cognos, Tableau, and other IQ services are fully operational.

Please continue to send your IQ requests to iqhelp@austin.utexas.edu

IQ WORKDAY HCM UPDATE - January 28, 2020

With UT’s implementation of Workday, the university tasked Information Quest (IQ) with the goal of developing reporting products to provide continued access to legacy data while enabling trend reporting spanning the legacy and Workday systems.

IQ has made great progress toward this goal. However, after focused effort to integrate complex Workday (WD) data structures, it is apparent that more work is required to offer accurate, comprehensive Human Capital Management (HCM) data and analytics products to the university.

As a result, IQ will pause WD-sourced products, including the HCM Worker Year Over Year Cube, while determining the best approach for obtaining HCM data with the highest degree of data veracity. IQ and Enterprise Business Information Technology Solutions (eBITS) are working together to establish high quality products using WD data.

For more details, see the IQ Workday HCM Update Document.

IQ: iqhelp@austin.utexas.edu

eBITS: askus@austin.utexas.edu

Service Status for Data Consumers

Cognos Cubes & Reports

All Cognos cubes and reports are currently available.


IQ Enterprise Tableau servers are currently available. The servers are running version 2020.4.3. Monthly Server maintenance takes place on the first Thursday of each month, 9pm-9:30pm. Service will be unavailable during the maintenance window.

Service Status for Developers

Cognos Report Studio

All Cognos report authoring packages are currently available.

Web Services

All REST data feeds are currently available.

Oracle-As-A-Service (IQ Direct)

Oracle-as-a-Service (IQ Direct) database is currently available.